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Secret lovers by Asano-nee

I really like the grainy texture of this piece, especially in relation to the light. The characters are framed well by their surroundin...

I Can't Swim - Wallpaper Pack by mauricioestrella

What I like most about this work is its cleanliness of details and good use of spacing. It makes for a good wallpaper because it does n...

Amsterdam Canals at Night by Matthias-Haker

This is a wonderfully crowded and spacious photograph of Amsterdam - there is not a single point of wasted space here. I really like th...

Rudolph the Heating Systems Engineer by MetaDragonArt

I really like the re-imagining of Rudolph in this. He is still recognizeable, though he holds a different job while making use of his s...

:: Marygill the Sea Lady :: by Sangrde
by Sangrde

What an amazing portrait! I really was caught by the fire effect surrounded by all that water. Her porcelain-like facial features frame...

Megan - Soft Shading Study by Toonexterminator

I really like the amount of improvement in your colouring technique. Not only are the transitions smoother, but the colours are more vi...

How do I write my critiques?
By using this as a guide, of course:



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Requests Are Open Again

Journal Entry: Sat May 21, 2016, 2:15 PM

I have been on a longer than expected hiatus in writing as well as art in general. I will try to get back into it, so requests are open once more!

I tend to write in the fantasy/adventure genre, but I'm open to whatever (within reason).

Here are some resources I have put together to help suggest a story:
Story Request FormStory Request/Commission Form
List the characters here that you would like to be included in the story. If possible, include or link their reference sheets for the author's convenience. Please offer your own original characters only, unless you have permission of another individual to use their characters alongside your own.
For every story, a character has different motivations, goals, conflicts, and epiphanies, so be sure to keep those in mind as they may play a central part to the story.
Please note that any characters related to your original characters in any way (relatives, friends, coworkers, or acquiantances) will be left to the author's discretion if their sheets are not included.
The most important thing is to give the author the main idea of how the plot should go. Please do not give out the ending or too much of the bulk of the story. Personally, I enjoy writing a story more when it can be a surprise to the
How To Fantasy Character SheetIdentity
Full Name:
The name of the character can set the tone for his/her personality in the story. One of the things you must consider as a writer is how appropriate a name is for the person's age, gender, and nationality/race/species. These three factors can provide a good base for choosing a good name for your character. Another thing I like to consider is the meaning of the name; the meaning of your character's name can, again, fit the personality or it can fit a theme or motif you want to build.
There is no perfect age: the young want to be old, the old want to be young, and no one wants to be in-between. A young character has a different point of view on life and all its wonders in comparison to someone with more years under their belt. People also change over time, so you have to ask yourself "What stage in life, physically and mentally, is my character?"
Date of Birth:
This is just a parallel to the age category, but the earliest mont
How to Suggest a StoryHow to Suggest a Story to a Writer
TL;DR shortcut
When you make a request to a writer for a story, an important thing to consider is how clear and concise you are with your ideas. The last thing you would want is to have the writer misunderstand and write a story you never wanted. Then again, you should not be too controlling to the point that it would be better if you wrote it yourself.
I define a story as literature that takes an idea and dresses it up in vibrant characters, rich metaphor, and complex symbolism. Some stories are better dressed than others, and some stories are better off practically bare in that sense.
Now onto something completely different, the important elements of a story: characters, setting, conflict, plot, theme, and genre.
Characters are the people who experience the world of the story. The setting refers to all the details surrounding the when and where of your story. The conflict occurs between a character and some separ

If you take a look at my Requests folder (…), I do like writing about merpeople and I do have my own characters to use just to fill in the plot. Please go through my stories to see if my writing style fits your request and ideas.

Do note that I may be quite slow in fulfilling requests, I will only accept 1 or 2 at a time.

Please put any questions in the comments and send your requests in notes.

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My name is Jonathan Ferrera and I am a graduate of Northern Illinois University. My major is in computer science, and, in addition, I have a minor in Spanish. I hope to become a software engineer.

I am quite a keen video game enthusiast and I enjoy tinkering around with any device I can get my hands on. When I am not doing that, I enjoy writing short stories and reading fantasy and science fiction novels.



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